Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Twin Peaks Visual Soundtrack

I just thought I'd share this great find with you all. I remember pointing out that Twin Peaks was crazy popular in Japan and that's true. I'm sure many of you have seen the Georgia Coffee commercials. This is something different and neat though. This series of videos appears to be from a Japanese release of something called the "Twin Peaks Visual Soundtrack". What they are is footage of the Snoqualmie Valley shooting locations from the time of the series. They are a really neat time capsule.

The most interesting one in my opinion is this one:

It explores the train graveyard where they filmed the exteriors of Laura's death location. Now in the series the interiors of the train were built on sets. In this video you can see the actual interior of the old trains. It's pretty cool/gross. I went to the Twin Peaks Fest last year and visited most locations, but this wasn't on the trip. I don't even think it's still there. I'd still love to go to the location and see what I can find, but the train graveyard is really mysterious. It's one of the few sites not mentioned on this excellent site that shows shooting locations then and now: http://www.intwinpea.../locations.html (They even located the exact branch the bird from the credits perches on for Pete's sake!)

From what I can tell I'm guessing these Visual Soundtrack videos were taken in maybe 1992 by a Japanese film crew (In some of the videos you can see the towns folk staring). The double R diner is already sporting the "Twin Peaks Cherry Pie" sign, so I think it's after the series run. However the town of North Bend is still in full Twin Peaks promotional mode as you can see some gift shops in the videos selling all sorts of memorabilia .