Monday, 18 April 2011

Episode 2 - "Traces to Nowhere" has been to released!


  1. The constant laughing was cute at first but quickly got annoying and subtracted from your content. It shows that there appears to be a lack of real interest or concentration regarding what's going on.
    There is no faster way to turn off your audience.
    Lots of room for improvement here.
    Thanks for reading.

  2. We're plenty interested in the show.

    It's probably Mel and I's favorite show of all time. That doesn't mean we can't have fun while we talk about it or keep a light hearted attitude.

  3. Laughing shows the hosts are having a good time and having fun. When I stop enjoying podcasting, that's when I'd stop podcasting.

  4. This episode isn't downloadable anymore. I wish it was because I enjoyed the Pilot episode a great deal.
    I'm old enough to have seen Twin Peaks when it came out, so I'm very interested in how you guys perceive it. If you are able to help me download this episode, please get in touch via email halifaxcollect(AT)

  5. Hey,

    The link to the second episode should be fixed now. Check it out! An easier way to get our episodes though is to subscribe on iTunes!

  6. Thanks guys for doing this. For the last year I have been on a David Lynch binge (huh, that rhymes) and finally started watching Twin Peaks and this is enhancing the enjoyement a great deal since I have no friends that I could talk about a weird show from 20 years ago.