Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Episode 58, "The Return Part 12" has been released!

Warning: Some of us really disliked this episode and we have lots to complain about. If you're sensitive to that sort of thing maybe this isn't for you. That being said, there were still things we liked.

Evan joins us to talk about episode 12 and all the many new characters that were mentioned that we'll probably never meet. Also, we narrow down which of the hosts are dopplegangers.


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  1. Don't listen if you like good podcasts, you'll only get mad.

    1. Thank you for being the judge of all that is good or bad in this world. What would we ever do without you?

    2. Let me guess, 75% of the podcast is "Lynch is a dirty old creep, we don't trust him, and all of the new people on the cast need to die horribly," as opposed to the usual 50%.

  2. The participants in this podcast usually rate episodes of the new season 5/10 or above, and in this particular case, both Brad and Caitlin (two people out of four), gave it a 6 and a 7 respectively. So I don't think the criticism is that harsh anyway. If it was, they would be on their right, but it really isn't.


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