Thursday, 31 August 2017

Episode 62, "The Return Part 16 has been released!

Ian Hinck of the Easy Allies joins the crew to talk about the reappearance of everyone's favorite FBI agent. (RIP Dougie Jones). We actually thought this was a good episode of The Return but somehow we still ended up being very critical because we began discussing the season as a whole. But we had a lot of fun chatting, so come commiserate with us!

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  1. Jesus, are you people horrible...

  2. Why's that? Care to explain? (Not that anyone ever is willing to engage after leaving a drive by shit post)

  3. It's like 90% of the podcast is groans and sarcastic giggles, with little to no attempts at actual, relevant critique or analysis. Look, I'm a Lynch fan, but not a fanatic. I can see some flaws in this show, with the sometimes haphazard editing mostly (by the way, Tammy doesn't disappear, it's just an angle showing only Albert, the edge of Tammy's seat is still visible,) but with you it's like you set out to hate the show and latch on to every opportunity to do so.

    1. I disagree. I think I give a reason for every criticism I mention.

      As for Tammy disappearing, you sure about that? Looks like the exact same angle to me.

  4. OK, you got me, it's a similar angle. However, the edge of Tammy's chair visible within the frame. Anyway, yeah, if I check out your cast for the finale it's mostly out of morbid curiosity, which ironically seems the only reason you are still watching this show.

    1. Well, that's one reason I guess. We'll take it.

  5. You've become the Chad of Twin Peaks podcasts. No matter how good an episode is, you'll find reasons to shit all over it.

    1. So we're not allowed to not like it?

    2. There's nothing wrong with not liking it. But you actually said yourself you really liked this episode and gave it a 9. Most of you gave it high ratings. But you still spent most of your time and energy focusing on the negatives of the season. It just seems like you, Brad, and Mel decided long ago that you weren't going to like this season no matter what happened. (Caitlin seems to have kept more of an open mind throughout, so I'm not including her in this)

      It's just frustrating to listen to, as someone that loved your show through the original run, because even when you guys are giving high ratings to episodes, your show just mostly has this harshly negative tone towards the show, and also to anyone that happens to like it, by describing them as brainwashed fools that'll like anything Lynch does. (Okay, it's mostly just Brad that does this. But he goes on a rant like this in almost every episode, with no one saying that disagrees with his stereotyping of all people that like the show / David Lynch fans to be like this, so it makes you guys sound like you feel the same way)

      I've listened to quite a few other podcasts too, and while they've all enjoyed the season, every single one has had certain things they didn't like about this season and hasn't been shy about saying it. There were plenty of scenes I didn't like too. I've just happened to like a whole lot more of them than dislike.

      It seems to me that this 'Lynch fan that just blindly loves everything he does and hates everyone that doesn't like it' is mostly just a strawman. But your show has spent so much time railing against this strawman, and lumping all fans into that group, that you naturally force others to take the side against you, which then from your perspective probably feels like those nasty Lynch fans coming to attack you again. Whereas from our perspective it just feels like we're defending ourselves from your attacks.

      Sorry for the essay. Just had to let out a season's worth of frustration out (due to feeling this way for the many hours of listening to this show this season and never being able to express it, nor hearing anyone else fully express what I was feeling).

      Hope you enjoyed the finale, but with how far out there that was I'm sure you didn't, as that type of thing doesn't seem up your alley at all. :-)

    3. Hey man, no prob. I get where you're coming from.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Wish I could like the show, I just don't. Even a good episode of the Return pales in comparison to the original so even though it's a "good" one, I still have plenty of issues with it.

    4. Also, one random thought that's been in my head for a while. One of my favorite things about your original run was that Brad's love for Nadine even during the most outlandish moments of the second season softened up my hatred of that storyline.

      I've learned that it's just more fun to listen to people be positive about things you dislike than listen to people be negative about things you like. Negativity just isn't fun to listen to unless you share that viewpoint, whereas the inverse doesn't have to be true.

      Not that that's anyone's fault though. You started this podcast because you loved the show, then it got a new season that you didn't like. It's just a bit of a shame that things didn't work out differently for you in that regard.

    5. Oops, my previous reply ended up down below.

      Thanks for taking my negativity about your negativity in stride, btw. Keep on keeping on.

  6. Okay, that's fair.

    For me my favorite two episodes of the series are still Lonely Souls and the episode where Cooper dreams in season 1. But my next few favorites are probably all from this series. I wasn't fully on board in the first half, but I feel the second half of the series has been consistently great.

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