Sunday, 10 September 2017

Episode 63, "The Return Part 17 and 18 has been released!

Our first ever guest Alirio joins us to be our possible last ever guest. Listen in as we despair over the mess that was Twin Peaks: The Return. Thanks feedbackers for the epic amount of thoughts you all sent in this time.

Seriously though, this season has broke me. I don't even want to think about post 1992 Twin Peaks for the next little while. This may or may not be the final episode ever. Stay subscribed as long as you feel like it and we'll see what happens down the line. As it stands though, I'm done with this series.

Thanks for all the good times and words of encouragement, folks.

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  1. Does it really affect you that much? Come on, man, it's only a TV show... Cheer up!

  2. For me the show was very fulfilling. After ruminating on how twin peaks could continue for about 10 years, this is exactly the kind of show I wanted to see and yet still completely unexpected. The only thing it didn't have from my predictions was a submarine but there you go. For me it's very sad to have to reenter a world where everything is formulaic. I know that it's very self aware and patience testing. It isn't a million miles from the opening stretch of Fire Walk With Me, but whereas that was compensated by a very authentic bulk of 'Twin Peaks', this has presented a whole new, less heartwarming world. I guess for me, I had my fill of that original world. I just can't watch the soap opera of season 2 part 2, post Bob reveal, it's not what was interesting to me about Twin Peaks.

    Being able to dive into a pure creation of a couple of individuals, with all the indulgence, ambition, batshittery and purity that comes with that, and the philosophy on art, life, the universe and everything which these guys have spend decades exploring, has been really dense, and whether you watch it from a meta perspective, a complicated finite plot, or a exploration of various themes, it seems whichever path you take you fall down a rabbit hole and get tangled in a web of ideas.

    Do I think Lynch was very indulgent, e.g. the French woman and sweeping scenes? Yes of course, but at the same time those scenes stick in my mind. I can't sweep my kitchen without thinking of the Green Onions song. I just came back from IT, a movie which I forgot what I saw as I was watching it, whereas I have clear memories of most of the scenes in this film/show despite it being 18 hours long.

    Having 'faith' and letting scenes sit and actually observing and soaking them in without expecting something of them is very different to our usual experiences in watching TV. We see some of it perhaps in Better Call Saul, which up until this new Twin Peaks was my current favourite show. Understandably some people aren't prepared to do that and it's fine, I'm not judging people's opinions. I just feel there is a definite calming and fulfilling force that can be unleashed by shutting down that 'inner voice'. The same voice that might invade your mind when you are trying to make a public speech, or perform a piece of music, and it distracts and takes you out of the 'zone'.

    It's easy to view what I'm saying as fanboyism I know, and the next thing I say won't help but it elaborates on what I'm talking about. A section from The Secret History:

    Briggs: I see mysteries as the truth itself; they're the essence of our existence, and aren't necessarily meant to be fully apprehended.

    Milford: So we're consigned to ignorance, is that it?

    Briggs: No. But that final barrier can only be breached by faith.

    Poignant maybe, bullshit maybe, the word 'faith' is meaningless to the 'faithless', and being non-religious I know that too well, but I feel am beginning to understand it through the idea of the 'inner voice' I mentioned before. The 'Inner Game of Music' a book which attempts to take away performance nerves by taking away the domination of the 'inner voice', is a much more practical and logical approach to the ideas of 'faith'. Applying these methods to life itself, outside of music, has a profound calming and steadying effect, removing the constant quest for 'satisfaction' and 'happiness' and finding peace in the 'regular' moments between, those moments some find 'boring'. I used to be anxious in these moments, thinking I needed to be happy or satisfied, but in demanding less satisfaction out of life, I find myself...more satisfied.

    In conclusion.... I liked it and am sad you didn't but there you go, we all think about things differently!

  3. Alirio's audio issues make it sound like he's farting.

  4. Just as lousy as ever. Its amazing that people could continue doing something and never improve. About as insightful as slamming your hand in a car door.

  5. I think there is a hidden messages in Twin Peaks. And its not about DREAMS it is about reality.. The Date Feb 23 is 2/23, but if you mirror it is 32/2 which is the number for the YALE ORDER of SKULL & BONES. The Bonesmen own Bohemian Grove where there is an OWL SHRINE 30' tall made of concrete and iron. The Atomic Bomb and the Manhattan Project were planned at Bohemian Grove in a Sept 1942 meeting. BOB might be BROTHERHOOD OF BONESMEN. Leland Palmer the name of the possessed lawyer. LE LAND PALMER - THE LAND GRABBER.... America went around pushed by the Elite from first Harvard and then Yale, the skull and bonesmen, Genociding the Native Americans, the Mexicans, the Cubans, the Filipinos, the Hawaiians. The elite of Harvard ascended and used the elite of Yale to continue the killing, but the Harvard elite still want their cut their garmonbozia. This is the story of Mike and Bob going around killing in perfect unity, until Mike saw the face of GOD, this is the story of the drug running opium families(Forbes, Roosevelt, Delano,) who's descendants are the Black lodge inhabitant that control the Corporations that control the world by controlling technology (electricity, nuclear, biomedical cloning, media, entertainment, education). These black lodge inhabitants have created a false reality that all the world is living in, the lies and propaganda that lead to constant warfare, and purposeful drugging and sexual drepravity and destruction of independent families and states and countries.......

    Yes, Frost is reputed to really know the esoteric and occult, but Lynch's father was in the US forestry studying the radioactive fallout all over the US. Like the land grabber Leland Palmer I think there is a message in Gordon COAL..... When Dale and Coal see each other they say GORDON! COOPER! Gordon Cooper was a NASA astronaut like Gus Grissom. GUS road in the LIBERTY BELL 7... Could the pins they all wear actually be in remembrance of GUS GRISSOM? As young boys both Lynch and Frost were enamored of the SPACE PROGRAM and in 1967 on 1/27 the American hero's GUS GRISSOM, ED WHITE AND RODGER CHAFFEE in a pre test of the Apollo 1 were burned to a crisp. The conspiracy story is that the Apollo 1 was not going well and the craft was unsafe. On Jan 19 in the simulator Gus and the other Astronauts got really fed up. 1/19, 1/19, 1/19, Gus went home and pulled a lemon off his tree and came back and hung it on the simulator on Jan 23 AND TOLD REPORTERS ABOUT THE PROBLEMS. Important men inside NASA thought Gus and the other astronauts were HIJACKING the Apollo program. 4 days latter they were dead, burned to a crisp. Is this why in episode 5 a little boy wearing a big red 1 and red, white and blue, watches 3 men try to HIJACK a vehicle on a big pad, but the vehicle is booby trapped and they get fried to a crisp?

  6. I love how the hosts of this podcast mock people who enjoy David Lynch but then feel like they are being attacked by that fanbase. Stop acting like children.
    Also, when will you guys actually review the show rather than just mocking every scene.

    If you want to know what this podcast sounds like :
    "I don't like it so it's bad! Anyone who likes it is a Lynchian moron!"
    Those were the only two sentences uttered throughout the entire 3rd season for this podcast.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. That is really an unfair judgement. I really enjoyed The Return, and I sometimes had a hard time listening to this podcast because they were so angry with something I was having a good time with.

      BUT the criticism delivered by the podcast members was usually sound, there were always reasons behind their complaints and the discussion was interesting in spite of the prevailing pessimism.

      They may have been a little extreme sometimes, but nowhere as you describe

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.


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